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Website FAQs

How do I get a domain name?

There are many registries available. Any of these will work: www.godaddy.com, www.bulkregister.com, www.register.com, or www.networksolutions.com. It is your responsibility to secure a domain name before you order a template site here through us.

Can you give me an email account with my domain name?

Not at this time. We recommend that you purchase your domain-based email account(s) directly from your domain registrar.

How do I point my domain name at your servers?

After you register a domain name with a Registrar, they will offer you a place to edit your settings. When we instruct you to, you should enter the settings we will give you into these fields. Please see our help page that includes screens shots for doing this.

Do the templates have to be hosted by BytePages or can I select my own hosting provider?

The templates MUST be hosted by BytePages. The system was designed to provide the most up to date content provided by BytePages and RTV. In order to maintain the integrity of the system and updated content it is imperative that we control the source code on our hosting solution.

How much is the setup fee and what does it include?

The setup fee is $250 and includes the selected template with all the standard features, including the initial build of the template with the specific agent information provided by the client including the agent's logo and contact information. The fee also includes 90 days of free assistance once the site is live to help you get comfortable using the Content Management System (CMS).

How will I be billed for utilizing the templates?

We will setup a recurring monthly billing cycle with your credit card until your order is cancelled by a phone call or email. The monthly fee is $25.00 and includes all the standard features.

Why are the hosting costs higher than other hosting solutions that I have researched?

Comparing our hosting fees to other hosting providers is an unfair comparison as the other hosting companies do not provide a website, but simply a place to house a site. In an effort to provide agents with the ability to amortize the expense of creating a customized website, we have opted to build the cost of building the site into our monthly hosting fee. If we were to create a custom site which contained the same content management functionality as the templates, along with the other numerous benefits, the cost could be well over $5000.

If you research industry specific template based solutions you will realize that our up front costs are much lower than normal and our monthly fees are extremely competitive.

If you look at the big picture, a discount is being offered to the agents in relation to the cost of creating a custom website with the same functionality, hosting the website, and paying for a website that supports content management which is specific to a real estate agent or developer business, and specifically RTV.

Do I have to agree to a year contract in order to utilize the template solution?

No! Utilization of the templates is on a month to month basis which can be cancelled at any time. Please review our Cancellation Policy for further details.

What should I expect to happen once I place my order?

You will immediately receive an email detailing the next steps to take. If we have questions or if you asked any questions during the order process, we will contact you, usually within the first 24 hours after you place your order. Within 3 business days you will receive an instructional email giving you all the information you'll need to get your site up and running. Once you point your domain to our servers per those instructions, it can take up to one day before your site will show up live, depending on the performance time of your domain registrar.

Will my site have any content in it initially?

Your site will begin with a few very generic pages with minimal generic content; Home, About Us, About the Area, Links, Contact Us, Browse Listings, and Google Map. It will be up to you to fill in these pages with content, or create new ones. Once you're done your site will be unlike any other and completely unique to you.

Which sections of the website can be changed with the content management system?

Most all of the content of your site can be changed by you anytime from within your Content Management System. The Theme, or what is sometimes called the Skin or Wrapper, can also be swapped for any of the other Themes available at any time you chose. You can change the site colors on a whim, add or delete pages as you like, and keep your content constantly up to date. You can add an events calendar, contact forms, downloadable documents page, etc. You'll find a better question would be "What can't I do with this site?" The answer - practically nothing!

EXCEPT THIS ONE THING: You will not have FTP access to your site. All of your editing will be done through an online Content Management System. See the CMS Help Screen to get a glimpse of this editor and how it works.

Will my website have a search feature?

Yes, your website's viewers will be able to search your listings by multiple factors like location, property type, bedrooms, baths, cost, etc. from a search form located on your home page.

Can my customers pay for my services with a credit card through my site?

The current RTV Agent Template site program does not have a provision for secure certificates or processing through a bank gateway (merchant services). This may occur in the future but at the moment we cannot use your secure certificate in this program.

Many of our RTV Agents are using Paypal cart buttons that link to an off site shopping cart at PayPal. If added to your site within the first 30 days of your site being live, our support team can help you get this set up.

Can you help me design a logo?

Yes. Logo designs typically run between $150 and $500. The variable being how much information you can give us for a starting point and how many revisions you want us to go through.

For a starting point, do you have any ideas about colors or typefaces you would like to use for the logo? How about an image or artwork that you would like to see incorporated into the design? We can still start with a blank slate of course, but we can give you a firmer price if you can provide any answers to these questions first.

When you are ready, please contact us here to get started.