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NOTE: You will be able to make changes to these settings from within your site's Content Management System at any time once your website is live.

Customize your Site Wrapper

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You can Preview the template selection with the different color schemes at any time. Each color scheme might need some tweaking with the different templates. You can do any tweaking of the colors below once you've settled on a template and color scheme:

Body Colors

Background Color:
Top Bar Color:

Site Fonts

Header Font: (standard web fonts only)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Body Font: (standard web fonts only)
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Page Header Color:
Underline Color:
Body Font Color:
Sub Header Color:
Sub Header Color 2:

Side Bars

Header Box Color:
Header Box Font Color:
Header Underline Color:
Left Side Bar Right Side Bar
Content Font Color:
Content Font Color:
Content Header Color:
Content Header Color:
Content Background Color:
Content Background Color:
Content Border Color:
Content Border Color:

Text Links

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Link Hover Color:


Button Color:
Button Font Color:

Navigation Tabs

Tab Color:
Tab Color2:


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